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what is the cloud

The idea of cloud computing has been around for a while, in fact it was the original idea of computing in some senses, a central computer that everyone connects to. With the advent of computing power, computing shifted away from this to stand alone computer. Then coming full circle with the availability of high speed internet and the pervasive web (thanks to data on the cellular network) came grid computing and now 'the cloud'.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics [1], Internet subscribers are increasing in both the home and business/government sectors with about 50% of Australian users online. The growth is rapid with a 10% rise in Internet subscribers in the last half of 2010, and a 26% growth in the business and government subscribers for the same period. This means that any business must be connected to the web for greater customer interaction. The internet ready nature of the proposed system means that this requirement will be met. The advent of smart phones makes this connectivity even more accessible to the user. Since Internet technology is widespread, the technology is readily available to integrate into the system. 

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