Technology Sports

technology sports
What has happened to Sports or should it now be called Technology Sports? In the recent past training was considered to be an unfair advantage, today everyone trains so how can an athlete get an edge. Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives so why not sport?

Recently there has been controversy over the use of swim suit technolog and high tech cycles. The swim suits offered performance improvement through reduction of swimmers drag in the water and arguably buoancy effects the water. In fact the advabtage was peceived to be so great that a number of swimmers broke sponsorship agreements to use rival brand swimsuits? So waht is unfair about thi ssome might ask. wel the suits are expensive, so much so that many countries didn't have access to it.

What about the bicyles surely faster is better right? But with huge price tags does the sport then end up finding not neccessarily the best athlete but the one with the deepest pockets..tough question? more to come...