Sports Technology Magazines

Technology and sport today are inextricable linked, many sports magazines now report on the latest advancements in technology. But where is all of this technology come from and how can we find out more. Daniel James introduces the topic and points to some sources for more information.

Here is an opinion piece on the role of sport in technology as it grows. It just one of a few pieces in the popular media. There is tremendous intrest in this topic. But how can the average punter find out more. This website is dedicated to research into the role of technology in sport. Its growing today and a legitimate field of research for many groups around the world. here are some of the partners this group works with. Much of this work is often commercial in confidence to preserve the competative edge, however much of the work is also published in one of several journals and book titles . Interestingly some of the Journals (Wiley Sports Technology) have adopted a more popular appeal with general intrest articles in addition to scholarly articles. More to come...