The Engineering of Sport

the engineering of sport
The Engineering of Sport: The Engineering of Sport is a book series started by Steve Haake. The book series is the published papers from the Biannual ISEA international conference. The book series form a definitive state of play of sports engineering practice throughout the world. UNfortunately the book series tend to be published by the conference hosts for that year and thus it can be hard to get back orders of historical issues as the publishing house and print run varies. Recently copies have become available electronically. The book series is currently 7 in the series and available from Springer

This proceedings volume of the ISEA 2008 examines sports engineering, an interdisciplinary subject which encompasses and integrates not only sports science and classical engineering but also aims to bridge the gap between the analysis of the equipment and the athlete himself. The areas of interest include the mechanics, biomechanics and dynamics of sport, the physiology, anatomy and the analysis of movement, instrumentation, equipment design, surface interaction, materials and modelling, and many others. These various topics could be part of technology applications practically in every sport. The proceedings will be of particular interest among others to Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Sports Science Departments and will act as a forum where research, industry and the sports sector can exchange state of the art technology, dedicated knowledge and innovative ideas.

2008 issue here...

Since 2010 it has been published by Elsiver in the Procedia Engineering