Sports Technology Journal

sports technology journal
This Journal now published by Rutledge (formerly published by Wiley) represents a big step for ward the discipline as one of the 3 new Journals in the field. The journal publishes scholarly articles as well as expert opinion pieces and news in the field making it not only good for research but a good read as well. Plenty of colour in it and online access is great as well. Click the bottom link for more.

Sports Technology is a unique source of information on all aspects of sports technology. This international journal aims to establish stronger links between industrial and academic research, and enhance communication between athletes, coaches, engineers, scientists, biomechanists, managers and administrators involved with sports and sports technology. Design and development of sports products and infrastructure require close collaboration between all stakeholders, as well as good understanding of both life and sports sciences, principles of economy and engineering. Therefore it is only natural that a journal focusing on sports technology is inter-and transdisciplinary as well as holistic in its approach.

Sports Technology publishes articles that are classified either as scientific research articles (focusing on the scientific aspects of sports technology research) or technical research and development articles (focusing on the commercial product design and development aspects). Each issue of the journal contains an attractive mix of articles (invited reviews, original peer-reviewed scientific articles and technical R & D articles, experts’ opinions, book reviews, news from major events and industry) and generous use of color. In particular, major events are highlighted, with rapid publication of results related to investigations during these events (such as from Olympic Games and World Championships).

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