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A secure cloud-based platform for collection of multi-sensor data

Reference: DD Rowlands, MW McCarthy, JR Ride, L Laakso, DA James, A Secure Cloud-Based Platform for Collection of Multi-Sensor Data, Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications, Nathan campus, Applied Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Gold Coast campus, Griffith University Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Abstract: The use of smartphones as sensor aggregation platforms in single-user applications is well established. However, in the context of collecting and analysing long term, multi-user sensor data, their usefulness is limited. Since they contain the necessary hardware for communicating with remote systems, smartphones may function as bridging devices. This allows collected data to be offloaded to dedicated systems for secure storage and analysis. This paper outlines the design and development of a prototype system which incorporates a sensor bridge implemented on a smartphone with a secure communication and storage protocol on a centralised server.