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Wearable Technologies for Performance Assessment

Reference:  DA James, Wearable Technologies for Performance Assessment, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport: 2009

Abstract:  The testing and monitoring of elite athletes in their natural training environment is a relatively new area of development that has been facilitated by advancements in microelectronics and other micro technologies. Whilst it is a logical progression to take laboratory equipment and miniaturize it for the training and competition environment, it introduces a number of considerations and complexities that need to be addressed. In this symposium examples of miniturised technology using inertial sensors are applied to a range of sporting applications yielding field based results analogous to those achieved in the laboratory but under typical training and sometimes performance conditions. The symposium features papers from a range of sporting disciplines to show what is possible, the challenges and limitations of the technology as well as helping to assist the development of the sport. Authors will be invited to form a panel for free flowing discussion on adoption of the technology into other sports of interest to attendees and to elaborate on additional sporting applications they have been engaged in where there is time.