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Swimming stroke analysis using multiple accelerometer devices and tethered systems

Reference:  N Davey, DA James, Swimming Stroke Analysis using Multiple Accelerometer Devices and Tethered Systems, The Impact of Technology on Sport II Sadayuki Ujihashi, CRC Press

Abstract: In swimming, detailed performance analysis is performed occasionally because it typically requires specialist instrumentation setup in the pool and large amounts of time for testing and post-processing is required. Using accelerometer devices attached to the swimmers body, movement patterns can be quantified. These accelerating patterns can be used in the analysis of stroke performance. In this paper, tri-axial accelerometer data and tethered data is undertaken to examine the relationship between swimmer velocity, and acceleration. It is shown using a single axis of acceleration that there is a correlation in the timing events between acceleration data and velocity data. This correlation allows for corrections to be applied to known error in acceleration data.