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Signal processing for estimating energy expenditure of elite athletes using triaxial accelerometers

Reference:  A Wixted, D Thiel, D James, A Hahn, C Gore, D Pyne, Signal Processing for Estimating Energy Expenditure of Elite Athletes using Triaxial Accelerometers, Sensors, 2005 IEEE, 4 pp.

Abstract:  Fitness development of elite athletes requires an understanding of physiological factors such as athlete energy expenditure (EE). For athletes involved in football at the elite level, it is necessary to understand the energy demands during competition to develop training regimes. By identifying an appropriate EE estimator in triaxial accelerometer data, in conjunction with identifying sources of inter-athlete variance in that estimator, signal processing was developed to extract the estimator. In this system, low-power signal processing was implemented to extract both the EE estimator and other information of physiological and statistical interest.

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