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A modular integrated platform for microsensor applications

Reference:  DA James, NP Davey, L Gourdeas, A Modular Integrated Platform for Microsensor Applications, Proceedings of SPIE 5274, 371

Abstract:  A modular self-contained modular platform is described, for easy integration with micro sensors and other sensor elements. The platform is designed to be physically robust and suitable for harsh environments. The platform features switch able power modes, signal processing capabilities and extensive I/O for sensor and external device communications, data download and transmission. The modular design allows flexible implementation of required functionality depending on the particular application and also provides flexibility for packaging solutions. Two practical applications of the platform are presented to demonstrate its use. Firstly a variety of human exercise activities are investigated using accelerometers. Secondly a weather station made up of environmental sensors using off the shelf and prototype sensors is described. Both of these applications differ greatly in their operational requirements. These implementations demonstrate the adaptability of the platform for different applications.