DIY accelerometer applications

accelerometer applications
Want to try out accelerometers and gyroscopes for yourself but don't have the resources to build them yourselves. there is a surprising amount of ready built consumer technologies you can use right off the shelf thanks to companies like Apple and Nintendo 
Of course our research group offers custom build and advanced analysis of the data but first up you might not be ready for this and just want to have a play without investing too much. $300 bucks gets you an iPod touch and an excuse to get yourself one. If you are a bit more cashed up and dying for a reason to get an IPhone yep they have these sensors too. less than $100 will get you a Wii controller, or buy the full Wii system (tell you wife its for work purposes) you'll needa receiver to many laptops do this now. Or if you wan to get your hands a bit more dirty get the full range of inertial sensors and a blue tooth like from someone like Sparkfun

iPhone iPod accelerometers

iphone ipod accelerometerConsider what you might want in a accelerometer sensor system? Memory, microprocessor, accelerometer, wireless connectivity and a nice user interface. We have been building these for a while now and then along comes Apple and puts it all in a box as a music player or mobile phone adn looks way cooler. See iPhone iPod accelerometers

Wii accelerometer

wii accelerometerIts no secret that the new Wii platform by Nintendo has taken the world by storm with it revolutionary games controllers. Here they take acceleration sensors and use them to control game characters playing sport. Its just like measuring real people playing sport so you can anaylse them on a computer but the other way around and the hardware is remarkably similar. See Wii accelerometer

6 DOF tracking from Sparkfun

6-dof-trackingSparkfun are a neat company that sprung up in the US catering to the hobbyist that wanted to use specialist electronics but might not have the resources. Started as a couple of boys out of collegue they have rapidly gained a repuptation for quality low cost solutions. They have a range of modules including a range of inertial monitoring units. See 6 dof tracking