Sports Engineering Research Degree

We are delighted to have many people interested in working with us to undertake research  as  Masters or PhD Docterate programmes. A research degree, unlike coursework, requires you to make an original contribution to knowledge, it has no set end date, being determined solely by research performance. A good scholar, that is self motivated (under the guidance of our supervisors), workings a full working week plus some evenings and weekends can finish a PhD in a little over 3 years usually.

Generally your CV/Resume with academic details (such as you would find in a transcript) is a good starting point for us to get to know you better and see if we can find a good project match with your skills base.

Please read the following in mind before contacting us further.

Enrollment in a PhD, Masters by research programmes

We are always on the look out for talented people interested in undertaking a PhD with us on a variety of topics. In order to gain a place in the PhD program you need to meet the following requirements.

  • For overseas students you need Satisfactory English as determined by a high level of IELTS
  • Have completed a research project in your undergraduate degree or masters degree which was not less than 35% of one year full time study at your university.
  • Be a high achieving tertiary student (Admission requires Honors 2nd class or better, 1st is generally required to win a scholarship)
  • Have an academic member of staff at Griffith University prepared to accept you as a research student*
  • A one page project outline with time lines (we can help developp this)
  • Evidence of financial resources to study in Australia for three years (For overseas applicants only)
  • A valid passport with student visa for Australia, if you are accepted into the programme this can be applied for
  • Two academic referee’s reports.
Having considered the above the application process begins by developing a project of mutual intrest to the candidate (you) and our research team. Most often we suggest projects based on a good match with your skill set. 

The formal application process is found here


If you have your own scholarship and a little cash, then you have covered point 5. 
Alternatively there is a living allowance scholarship round that is very competitive and hard to get, the submission deadline is around 30 October each year. In general if you have an Australian first class honors (minimum of 2a is required for entry)   you will qualify for direct entry and have a reasonable chance at applying for a scholarship in the October round. 
Tuition scholarships are also available for international students but are quite competitive. International peer reviewed publications can help here (i.e. an ISI ranked Journal). Fee details can be found here

Generally it is possibly to earn a little more money doing teaching, though substantive work as a full time student isn't possible (a part time enrolment for those wanting to work is available)


Accomodation options and information are available on We are based at the Nathan campus (the Mt Gravatt campus is very close by, you may also consider inner city Brisbane for accomodation as we are well serviced by busses being just 10kms south of the city centre (do not arrange gold coast accommodation))

For other opportunities including our undergraduate degree or masters by course work. See Education and Training