Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications

griffith university centre for wireless monitoring and applications
Griffith University's Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications creates intelligent wireless technology and explores the impact of that technology on geophysics, human activity, and the classroom. As the Centre expands applications in other disciplines will be included. While the impact of mobile telephone technology is well known, the impact of similar technology on other fields of academic research is also be profound. The Centre combines the expertise of electronics and communications engineers with biomechanists, geophysicists and educators.

Work by this group of researchers has resulted in the development and deployment of very small, low cost, portable, unobtrusive, intelligent sensor technology through historical centres such as the CRC for Microtechnology, the Radio Science Laboratory, the Biomedical Monitoring Group and the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. Existing applications include human gait analysis, elite athlete monitoring on the track, the water-course, and the pool. Preliminary work has started on in-classroom monitoring.

The short term outcomes of the Centre include (a) generic wireless technology (low data rate, license free, self assembling networks), (b) a small low-cost, wireless unit for all students in the classroom together with analysis software for immediate feedback to the instructor, (c) an ad-hoc geophysics mapping system using naturally occurring radio transmission, and (d) injury assessment and injury recovery quantification.more info...