iphone 4 specifications


The inertial sensors (gyroscope and accelerometers) allow for measurement of motion in 6 Degrees of freedom upto a sampling rate of 100Hz. The assisted GPS allows for tracking of the position of the iphone along with the orientation given by the compass at 1 second intervals. The GPS coordinates are given in latitude and longitude.

The WiFi, 3G, and bluetooth allow for data transfer to a remote repository. The GPS and WiFi also assist in obtaining a more accurate location.

The ARM processor of the iPhone is a vector processor allowing for multiple calculations on each element of a vector at once. It is this the property that gives the processor mathematics and DSP capability.


  • Rich set of APIs
  • core motion framework for accelerometer and gyroscopes
  • core location framework for GPS and compass
  • accelerate framework to do vector processing using LinPack and Blaspack which are well known linear algebra packages for matrix manipulations and vector calculations. It also includes an FFT routine.iphone 4 specifications