Smartphones in Sport and Health

iphone sport and health
The iPhone/iPod/iPad are not just useful devices but can be used for other things than just playing games, making phone calls, or keeping up with your friends on the latest social networking sites. The fully featured iPhone/iPod with its user friendly multitouch user interface, HD graphics display, accelerometers, magnetometers, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, UNIX operating system, and useful processing power means that an off the shelf technology is now readily available for activity monitoring applications. The advantage of using a iPhone/iPod device is that they are commonly available at an affordable price, are well engineered as well as being user friendly. It has been estimated that by 2010 the sale of smartphones (including iPhones) will surpass the sales of laptops. This means that the technology is accessible by anyone including sporting groups, amateurs, schools, artists and health practitioners.

In the centre for wireless monitoring and applications we have applied iPods/iPhones to monitor human activity and transmit the data to anywhere in the world for storage and analysis. This has applications to sports monitoring and health monitoring. More details on the specifications of the iPhone 4 and earlier releases can be found here.

Members of the centre have undegone professional development with Apple including attending the annual developrs conference and we lead Griffith Universities development programme.

With our developer license we release apps to our immediate research community and also can publish applications to the app store. Please talk to us if you have any project opportunities that could use our expertise.

Current Research Topics using iPhones and other smart phone technologies