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Sports Science Services

sport science services
In addition to technology services, we also offer integrated classic and technology integrated Sport Science Services. These include Biomechanics, physiology and coaching

Biomechanics is a field that relies heavily on the use of technology.  Interpreting some of this data sometimes requires thorough knowledge of the outputs and what they mean.

Coaching questions or principles can be addressed.  This could be generic coaching principles, or sport specific.  There are QSTC people who are qualified in many sports.  And we have access to experts in other fields to answer questions.

Exercise Physiology, like Biomechanics does rely on technology for feedback and analysis.  Much can be gained in understanding physiological measures.  Outputs in this area can tell us simple stuff e.g. heart rate.  Or complex info e.g. how many millilitres of oxygen is consumed per kilogram of bodyweight per minute of a particular exercise and any given intensity.

Enquiries and services ranging from general sport science through to a highly technical consultancy for performance enhancement – or anything in between.  We are here to assist