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MadhusudanRao Neeli

MadhusudanRao Neeli
Mr. MadhusudanRao Neeli is a co-inventor of the Circuits in Plastic Technology and production manager in the centre. He holds a M.Eng in mechanical engineering and currently serves as the Senior Engineer in the Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications. He has expertise in machine design, plastic processing and large scale manufacturing. He has worked in Singapore for four years at Beyonics (formerly Uraco) had exposure to large multi national companies such as HP, Seagate, Motorola, Western Digital etc. He is well versed in various aspects of manufacturing from design, manufacturing, quality control, ISO standards, troubleshooting and after customer care services.

Prior to joining Griffith, he has worked in Australia for a mobile phone manufacturing company, has helped to setup their manufacturing operations in Singapore/Malaysia. He has also helped Senviro another company whose PCB manufacturing and assembly currently being done in Singapore/Malaysia.

Currently he is negiotating for a major Australian mining company to have their multi million dollars manufacturing operations in Singapore.

He has been instrumental in developing the “Circuits in Plastic” technology by combining high end research and large scale manufacturing which helped to enhance the research outcomes and implementation in the commercial environment.

Traditional electronic products have inevitable problems during manufacturing, product use, end of life and recycling. His work has helped to complete the cycle of manufacturing, recycling and recovery of raw materials.