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Julian Chua

julian chua
Dr Julian Chua is a sports engineer/researcher working on the development of innovative equipment and technologies that are applied in the sports and medical field.


A mechanical engineer by training, he had several years of experience in manufacturing and product development, particularly in niche industrial products and medical devices. Then an interest in sports engineering led him to pursue a PhD at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). His PhD focused on the workings of inertia sensors, how it can be applied on wheelchair sports, even developing a wireless gyro sensor for measuring wheelchair velocities and accelerations. But ultimately it boiled down to deciphering the inertia sensor data for activity identification and performance analysis using fractal analysis.


While struggling through his PhD, he decided to make it more interesting by jumping into an internship stint with the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) where he tried to come up with technology solutions for sports scientists and coaches; and take up a part-time customer support role with Catapult Sports providing technical support to end-users of a comprehensive athlete tracking and performance analysis system. 


Following the PhD, he was roped in to work on a fitness technology project (also known as Versus Fitness), which aims to track and evaluate different exercises in a gym environment. Other than sitting in front of his laptop developing smart algorithms, he is often seen either building/testing sensors, wrestling with the 3D printer, or making a mess with the soldering iron.


He enjoys running or kayaking, which he can do on his own for extended periods while contemplating complex issues in life like what to cook for dinner.


You can also find him online at: LinkedIn & Twitter