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Jason Harding

jason harding
Jason Harding is a fanatical surfer, skater and snowboarder. He is also a sport scientist (B.ExSc Hons) currently affiliated with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) and Griffith University’s Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications (GU). Jason is a Doctor of Philosophy candidate who has focussed his research on enhancing the competitive performance of Australia’s elite-level snowboard athletes.

He has undertaken this task using the following approach;
1. A video based analysis of the key performance variables associated with success in elite half-pipe snowboard competition, 
2. The subsequent development of an automated micro-technology feedback system enabling calculation of objective information associated with air-time (AT) and degree of rotation (DR) achieved during half-pipe snowboarding and 
3. Careful and regular assessment of the potential sociological impact and practice community perception to the integration of automated objectivity into elite-level snowboarding.

This process has lead to a sport specific concept with an inherent capacity to assist both the current subjective training and competition judging protocols used in elite-level surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. This research won first place in the “Competitive Sports Category in the ISPO Innovation Challenge” in 2008. Jason now uses his to publish innovative ideas and practical research outcomes associated with surf, skate and snow sports disciplines in addition to providing Australian coaches and athletes world-wide access to their personal testing results and the progression of their athletic performance.