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David Rowlands (Computer Systems)

david rowlands
David is member of the Centre for Wireless Monitoring and Applications and has been involved in human monitoring research for 10 years. David has a varied background with a BSC in physics and a PhD in semiconductor design and simulation. David has also been in Industry where he worked on Embedded Systems, Computer Systems, and System Design. David is currently teaching the computing hardware and software subjects.

David's research is in the area of sports technology, biomedical technology, and Ubiquitous/Wearable computing.

Sports technology:
Applying technology to sports such as tennis, cricket, AFL, and soccer to monitor the monitor of athletes with the purpose of developing training aids to improve performance.
iPhone technology. This is a great technology since it is ubiquitous, and well understood by the general public. It has has some useful sensors to monitor and assess human movement.

Applying technology to monitor the ECG with the aim to assist cardiologists to determine and monitor abnormalities. This technology has great promise for remote health.
Applying leading edge technology to help solve issues in EEG analysis. 

Creating computing infrastructure to warehouse multichannel, long duration sports data. The avalanche of data now available from multi-sensor devices has led to the need to store, quickly retrieve, analyse, and visualise the data. 

One of David's passions is playing soccer. He plays as often as he can and manages his local team as well as being involved in the club executive. David's other passions involve travel and hiking. David has hiked the Himalayas, Andes, and taken camel treks in Egypt.