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Daniel James (Founder and Co-ordinator)

daniel james
Daniel James is the director of SABEL Labs, an intraprenurial enterprise of Griffith University. He has developed wearable and small technologies for over a decade. He has   consulted widely with elite sports, health, research and consumer electronics organisations along the way. Initialled trained as an experimental physicist his skills have been augmented by industry courses, graduate business school and an entrepreneurship and innovation courses through Stanford.

Dr James coordinates the Queensland Sports Technology Cluster, a Queensland based network that extends nationally and internationally as well. He is a Principle Research fellow (Assoc. Professor) at Griffith University and research leader at the Queensland Academy of Sports, Centre of Excellence.

His research interests are in the application of appropriate technologies to enhance sporting and health activities. He has collaborated with many of Australia's elite sports organisations and some several medical groups as well. He leads several technicalteasm that has developed technologies used daily by the professional football codes and is a principal author of several international patents in this area. He is an executive member treasurer of the International Sports Engineering Association(ISEA), Senior Member of the IEEE and board member of the Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN). He is a regular speaker at Sports and Technology conferences including several invited and keynote talks. His work has been featured extensively in the popular press including print, radio and television.

His early training was in Physics, including a stint in the Antarctic as a glaciologist, before completing a research masters in sensor technology and then a PhD in Radio Physics. Post doctoral experiences psychophysiology and brain wave analysis and lecturing in the sports sciences and engineering honed an interest in the interface between technology with people. Following a stint in the finance sector in the UK he returned to Australia to pursue a range of projects with Australia's elite sports bodies. 

An active sportsman, Dr James is an NCAS level 2 coach and holds senior dan grades in Aikido and leads the Brisbane Aikido Republic 

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