iPhone iPod accelerometers

iphone accelerometer
Consider what you might want in a accelerometer sensor system the iPod accelerometer has it all. Memory, microprocessor, accelerometer, wireless connectivity and a nice user interface. We have been building parts of these for a while now and then along comes apple and puts it all in a box as a music player or mobile phone. Include some applicatiosn here

In Apples iPone and iPod touch is a 3-axis accelerometer. Actually its the LIS302DL from STM. You can sample up to 100x per second with a 2g range. With these specs its not the most impressive accelerometer on the market but you an do a whole range of human motion testing with it for not much money. So watchs the catch, well you might need to programme the iPhone using apples SDK but the good news is that 100's of people have alrady had a go so for just a few bucks you can buy their applications in the itunes store and take it from there. Below are some applications you might like to consider

Here a couple that look interesting
Mac Research - Turn you IPod into a vibrational anaylser
Wavefront Labs Log and display acceleration data in real time and send wirelessly to your PC 

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