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Tropical Cyclone Jim

posted 19 Dec 2011, 03:43 by Dan James
Summer's on its way and so too the summer cyclones that blow in and out. 
Saturday's Courier Mail capped off a big week for centre researcher and post doctoral fellow Jim Lee. The INSIGHT Science section features the better part of a page on Jim's recent work in swimming biomechancis using our technologies, together with his daughter who has acted as a test subject for most of this year, Tobie is an elite tri-athlete with Jim her coach. Jim's background in swimming includes running a local swimming club as president and  extensive coaching before completing his honours in swimming biomechanics. A PhD in gait research using centre technology prepared the way, he then returned to research after a brief stint as a lecturer to again work on swimming with partners the Queensland Academy of Sport and the University of the Sunshine Coast
Just last week Jim presented the teams work on using technology in swimming to the Federal Department of Innovation sponsored 'IT Invention Test' and we have just received word that he has made the finals  and is in the running for the AIS-CSIRO Sports Technology award.
These finals are to be held next week in Victoria, but no rest for the wicked Jim will be heading off the following day to Japan, to present the work at a Sports Engineering conference and to line up everything for his one year fellowship in Japan, courtesy of a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowship, with centre adjunct Professor and good friend Yuji Ohgi at the prestigious  Keio University
Congratulations Jim, you been with us for almost 9 months and certainly whipped up a storm or two, the years not yet over, so wonder what you have in store for us next!