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Get a profile on Google Scholar

posted 17 May 2012, 16:45 by Dan James
google sports technology

Chances are today that many researchers will come across your work through Google Scholar. When they do, having a google scholar profile will help them to 

 a) contact you

 b) see what else you are publishing

 c) help them to cite your work

Getting a google scholar profile is easy, and from then on in google will find all of your publications for you (you have the opportunity to confirm if they are yours or not). This process is not a new thing, ISI Thompson and similar having been doing it for a while (but only with their selected list of publications). 

For researchers like us in the emerging discipline of  Sports Engineering and Sports Technology here is a way for all of the good work in the 'non-indexed' publications in our discipline to be recognised. Since writing about google scholar a few months back (see Google loves Sports Engineering), quite a few from the community have already signed up. Come join us!

See and sign up to  Google Scholar pages on Sports Technology and Sports Engineering and click on the 'my citations link'