About Us
The QSTC was founded circa 2011 to formalise and existing network of individuals and organisations interested in the applications of technology to sport

Queensland Sports Technology Cluster
Sports today is internationally competitive on and off the field. Technology increasingly has a vital role to play in elite sport, whether it be the development of facilities, application to sports services, athlete development and performance monitoring.

The QSTC was formed to provide a range of integrated services gathered from a long history of competitive success with Australia's elite sporting bodies to transform sporting organisations with the aid technology.

Based in 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth games precinct we draws on the expertise and resources of world class sports facilities and expertise and home to Griffith Universities world leading experts in Electronic Sports Engineering,  the Queensland Academy of Sport and a vast network of expertise through local, national and international partners.

(1) A wearable inertial / GPS sensor now worn by every professional AFL player in Australia in every competition and used by many other sports codes. 

(2) A rowing technology developed in the lead up to the Athens Olympics assisting Australia to win several medals 

(3) A swimming technology sold as commercial product and continuing research activity and development  
2006 ISPO (worlds largest trade fair on sporting goods) Academic challenge award –
2009 ARC Linkage Grant with the Queensland Academy of Sport. 
2011 National IT Invention Test Sports Technology Award (Dept. Innovation/CSIRO/AIS)

(4) A cricket bowling sensor used at the under 19 world cup in Dubai by the ICC(international Cricket Council)  

(5) Algorythm development for a lifestyle fitness sensor that won a top ten award at the CES trade show in 2014 and to be developed as a product. The technology won the 2011 National IT Invention - Test Sports Technology Category (sponsors CSIRO/AIS) and funded by the Federal Department of Innovation.

"Griffith’s sporting prowess was again evident with students and graduates winning thirteen gold, five silver and three bronze medals.  If Griffith was a country we would have ranked fifth in the medal tally"
Professor Ian O'Connor, Vice Chancellor and President, Griffith University on the 2006 Commonwealth Games performance.

"Fifty-five Queensland Academy of Sport athletes competed at the Melbourne Games with 42 of these athletes medalling, picking up 46 medals. QAS athletes picked up 23 gold, 12 silver and 11 bronze medals in total....If Queensland had competed as its own nation it would have finished equal third with Canada and second on the medal tally if it was ranked by gold medals.
Queensland Academy of Sport Press Release May 2006